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2016 ITS World Congress goes to Melbourne, Australia

9 May 2012

At its 9 May meeting in Tokyo the ITS World Congress Board of Directors has confirmed that Intelligent Transport Systems Australia (ITS Australia) will host the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne in October 2016.

ITS Australia President Brian Negus said it was a great honour for Australia to be selected as the host country and this will be an important landmark for ITS developments in Australia. "We are particularly pleased with the support shown by our ITS Asia Pacific region colleagues who assessed the World Congress bids and selected Australia at the ITS Asia Pacific World Congress Board Meeting in April 2012," said Brian Negus. 

"We are also delighted with the enthusiasm of our World Congress ambassadors from across the globe, which added to our strong bid. We thank Michael Noblett, from the USA, Dr Young-Jun Moon, South Korea, Dr Jason Chang, Taiwan, Dr Hans-Joachim Schade, Germany and Christer Karlsson, Sweden. The advice of our international colleagues will continue to be a key part of our planning. 

"The support of the Victorian Government was another critical element of Australia's strong bid. The theme for the 2016 event will be ITS - enhancing liveable cities and communities. Between 6,000 and 8,000 ITS professionals from around the world are expected to attend," said Brian Negus. 

ITS value adds transport infrastructure

Surging growth in international demand will ensure that this gathering of ITS researchers, developers and users will be among the largest meetings in Melbourne during 2016. 

ITS technologies include communication, data processing and electronic technologies for in-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and mode-to-mode systems that increase transport safety and mobility, improve the sustainability of travel, reduce congestion, and improve the performance and competitiveness of all modes of transport. 

"Australia organised the successful 2001 ITS World Congress in Sydney. We will build on that experience, and with the collaboration of our international friends, Melbourne will host a 2016 World Congress to help all cities and communities to become more liveable," said Brian Negus. 

International recognition

Among the first to congratulate ITS Australia was Prof SK Jason Chang of National Taiwan University and Vice President of ITS Taiwan. He said Melbourne is one of the best cities to demonstrate the applications of information and communication technologies for multi-mobility. "The integration of transport and land use in Melbourne is considered a model for intelligent urban design of transit oriented development. Traffic safety, commercial vehicle operation management, traveller information and multi-modal ticketing systems for public transport and toll roads are also excellent ITS deployments in Melbourne and in other Australian cities," said Prof Jason Chang. 

Director of the Centre for ITS & Olympic Transport at the Korea Transport Institute Dr Young-Jun Moon said he looks forward to learning how Melbourne became the world's most sustainable city in terms of safer, smarter, and greener transport. "The ITS World Congress is all about sharing transport technology, policies, ideas and experiences to improve global sustainability. I will be delighted to take the opportunity to see what is going on in Melbourne in 2016," he said. 

Chief Executive Officer of ITS Sweden Christer Karlsson congratulated ITS Australia and said Australia's 2001 World Congress was regarded by delegates as one of the best ever. "Melbourne is a highly developed ITS city and has many technical and organisational solutions to demonstrate," he said. "The hospitality of the Australian people was exceptional and I expect a huge number of exhibititors, delegates and visitors from Europe to participate in the 2016 World Congress." 

World Congress program theme 

Former ITS Australia President Dr Norm Pidgeon is chair of the 2016 World Congress Committee tasked with the planning and delivery of the speakers program, exhibition and site visits. "I am delighted to be contributing to this exciting event," said Norm Pidgeon. 

"The ITS - enhancing liveable cities and communities theme will bring Melbourne's reputation as the world's most liveable city to the spotlight as we explore the benefits that ITS delivers to critical elements of our daily life. 

"Australia is at the forefront of development and deployment of ITS technologies in many fields. That we export our products and ideas to international customers, and that we continue to implement state of the art systems across Australia proves the strength of our ITS industry. 

"Our industry resources will collaborate with our international peers to produce a strong World Congress program to help move the industry forward globally. Transport safety, reducing congestion and the environmental impact of our networks are all greatly improved by effective ITS delivery. 

"We expect that by 2016, these themes will be even more pressing in our busy cities and communities. This World Congress will be Australia's opportunity to foster further international cooperation in unleashing the power of ITS," said Norm Pidgeon. 

Brian Negus said that in the meantime, ITS Australia looks forward to supporting the Vienna World Congress in October this year, Tokyo in 2013, Detroit in 2014 and Bordeaux 2015. 

Further information:

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Australia to host the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in Melbourne from 10-14 October 2016.

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